Chao Jiannan

I got my bachelor’s degree in College of Animal Science and Technology, Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University. Then I decided to turn to bioinformatics instead and now I’m working in Institute of Fundamental and Frontier Sciences, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China for a master’s degree in computer science.
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2012 - 2016

I had enjoyed my campus life in Yangling, a small town in Northwestern China, where the people are brave and modest. I had developed a preliminary idea of animal science, without which I could not understand that there are so many kinds of life that our world is full of unknowns. And I had improved my skills in critical thinking, with which I could proceed with my study in another field with less difficulty.


2019 -        

I’m currently working in the dry lab in IFFS and excited about the future where I could make my own contribution to bioinformatics.