Career Profile

I am a undergraduate student at Nankai University.
I have a broad interest in computational biology .In particular, I am interested in lncRNA and CRISPR screens.



Quan Zou's research group, Tianjin University

I am currently working on the classification of nucleic acid binding protein's sequence


A simple seismograph - This is my course project in the one-term IYPT course --- the answer for the first "invent yourself" problem in IYPT 2018, I use Operational amplifier to construct the amplification circuits and use arduino to record the electrical signal in the computer.
Development Prospect and Designing of Electric Vehicle Charging Network - This is the paper we submit for The Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling in 2018, I was in charge of the model construction .In this project ,I use ArcGIS to modeling and optimizing spatial relationships
Using data mining to identify palindrome small RNAs and complemented palindrome small RNAs - In this project I learned to identify palindrome small RNAs(psRNAs) and complemented palindrome small RNA(cpsRNAs) from NCBI SRA data and construct phylogenetic tree using R and MEGA.

Skills & Proficiency

Python & R


Javascript & jQuery

Linux shell