Data Set Acquisition
(1)In this study,we used pre-miRNA sequences from miRBase ( We collected a total of 91 pre-miRNA sequences that are essential in mice from Bartel’s 2018 review of metazoan miRNAs.The 91 pre-miRNA sequences were from several families.
(2)Acquisition of pre-miRNA sequences of unknown importance: We downloaded all the mice pre-miRNA sequences (a total of 1,234) from miRBase. All the sequences that belonged to the same families as the 91 essential miRNAs were excluded. The remaining pre-miRNAs (1,090) were considered to be non-essential premiRNAs.
Data set after de-redundancy processing
To shorten the computational time and to ensure better performance results, we removed redundant sequences and obtained a final dataset that contained 85 essential and 88 non-essential pre-miRNA sequences.
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