Tao Zhiyu


I am TaoZhiyu, Born in Shenyang, Liaoning Province. I majored in computer science and technology during my undergraduate course in Northeast Forestry university(NEFU) and worked as a programmer in Neusoft company after graduation where my main work was researching and developing the car navigation in C language. At present, I am engaged in the work of biological information at University of Electronic Science and technology(USTC) as an exchange postgraduate student from NEFU.

Personal experience

2012-2016 I studied in Northeast Forestry University and Got a bachelor's degree

2016-2017 I researched and developped the vehicle mounted systemThe company of Neusoft

2017-2018 I worked about development of web pagesShenyang Machine Tool Group

2018-now I was admitted to NEFU for postgraduate study and came to USTC as an exchange student

Paper situation

Personal informations