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Linlin Yuan, graduate student, graduated from bioinformatics in Harbin Medical University in 2017. now is studying in the computer science and technology at Tianjin University, mainly engaged in research of Bioinformatics, such as Computational Epigenetics, Machine Learning and so on.

Educational Background

  • 09/2012-06/2017 bioinformatics in Harbin Medical University
  • 09/2017-now Computer Science and Technology in Tianjin University

Research Experience

  • 08/2015-06/2017 Studied in Computational Epigenetics Laboratory, participated in the research of two subjects. One is the identification of methylation sites that regulate cancer. The other is the identification of tumor heterogeneity based on DNA methylation signals from cell subsets.
  • 09/2017-now Studying in Zou Quan research group, learning about tumor origin detection with Tissue-Specific miRNA and DNA methylation markers.
  • Familiar with the database of epigenetic regulation in development and canceration
  • R, Python, Matlab
  • Familiar with related software for processing methylation data