Xiaoqing Ru
Research Direction:Bioinformatics
Advisor:Prof. Quan Zou
2018.11- :University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
as a communication student in Professor Zou’s laboratory for bioinformatics knowledge
2017.09-2020-06: Hebei University of Engineering
Research Direction:Bioinformatics, image processing
2013.09-2017.06:Handan College Major:Computer Science and Technology
1. Xiaoqing Ru, Lida Wang, Lihong Li,Hui Ding,Xiucai Ye and Quan Zou. Exploration of the correlation between GPCRs and drugs based on a learning to rank algorithm [J]. COMPUTERS IN BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE, 2020,119:103660
2. Xiaoqing Ru, Peigang Cao, Lihong Li, and Quan Zou. Selecting essential microRNAs using a novel voting method [J]. Molecular Therapy - Nucleic Acids, 2019, 18:16-23
3. Xiaoqing Ru, Lihong Li; Quan Zou. Incorporating Distance-Based Top-n-gram and Random Forest To Identify Electron Transport Proteins [J]. Journal of proteome research, 2019, 18(7): 2931-2939
4. Xiaoqing Ru, Lihong Li, Chunyu Wang. Identification of phage viral proteins with hybrid sequence features [J]. Frontiers in Microbiology, 2019, 10
Current work content
Learning to Rank
The interaction of drugs and targets
Experimental data
Related data can be downloaded here
1 GPCRs and Drugs can be downloaded by here.here
2 microRNAs can be downloaded by here.here
3 Electron Transport Proteins can be downloaded by here.here
4 Phage Viral Proteins can be downloaded by here.here
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