Fast clustering preprocessing

Merge and Split

  • All the clusters stored in tree structure. Every node in the tree saves two values ,L is the nodes number on the left sub tree and R is the nodes number of the right sub tree. The merge is very easy , just merge the root nodes of two sub trees.
  • The split will be a little more complicated , as shown in the following figure.

    • The loading balancing process should make each cluster in the roughly same size , so after spliting, the ratio of two clusters should range in 1/2 to 2.
    • (A)The initial node is at root , if L/R not in the 1/2 to 2 , move the current node to the sub nodes.
    • (B)According to the parent node's information , modify the current node's L and R.
    • (C)If current node satisfy the splitting condition, modify the pointer of the parent node and the sub nodes.
    • (D)Along the motion path of current node to the root node, modify all the nodes' L and R values.

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